7 Reasons Why Virtual Yoga Class is the Way To Go

One of the biggest advantages of virtual yoga is convenience

Yoga is, without doubt, one of the most influential workouts in the world today. That is because of the numerous health benefits that it is associated with such weight management, cardio health, increased flexibility, increased muscle tone and improved respiration and so on. However, it is also one of the demanding workouts in terms of time. Yogis are required to go to the studio to practice for at least an hour daily.

The world has become extremely busy thus making it difficult for yogis to get enough time to practice in the studio. Therefore, most people end up missing classes due to time constraints. But things are changing for the better with the introduction of virtual yoga studios.

The internet is revolutionizing yoga by introducing online and virtual classes. With these classes, now everyone has a chance to practice yoga at home or in the office. With Virtual classes, all you need is an internet connection to join a live class. So why are people so excited about the virtual yoga studio concept? I have rounded some of the key advantages of virtual yoga classes. Check out the following:

  1. Convenience
    One of the biggest advantages of virtual yoga is convenience. With this form of yoga practicing, you have everything under your control. You will not have to miss classes anymore because of time constraints since you can adjust your schedule depending on your needs. That is different from the physical studios where time is strict, and if you are late, you end up missing the class. But with virtual yoga, you can change the time for classes to fit your schedule. Therefore, the issue of missing classes is a thing of the past.
  2. Cost advantage
    Another big benefit of virtual yoga is the reduced cost. To book for a yoga class can be extremely expensive, and personalized session cost even more. For instance, if you are in New York, paying for a personalized sessional, it is very expensive. That is an issue that virtual yoga studios are sorting out effectively. All you need is a computer and the internet connection to attend a class. If you can download recorded classes, then it will be cheaper. Therefore, the overall cost is just a fraction of what a studio class would cost you.
  3. Good Traveling Yogis
    If you love traveling a lot or the nature of your job involves a lot of traveling, it simply means that your yoga class attendance will be inconsistent. You have to stop classes for the time that you be traveling. That is a problem that has been sorted out by the use of virtual yoga. If you are traveling, you just need to carry your laptop or a flash disk or CD with classes where ever you go. Therefore, nothing stops because you are traveling.
  4. Time Flexibility
    When it comes to all forms of workouts, lack of flexibility in time management is one of the biggest challenges. If you are running behind schedule, then it is difficult to catch up with the rest of the class/team. But that is not the case with the online yoga classes. You can choose from a range of sessions based on time. The sessions range from 5 minutes to 90 minutes hence you can pick depending on what fit you. If you have less time to practice, then you can do a short class. That is not possible in a studio class.
  5. Ability to Choose Teacher
    One of the biggest limitations of the studio classes is the inability of yogis to select their teachers of choice. Since these are private businesses, you cannot dictate what you want. The only option that you have is walking out and look for another studio. But with virtual yoga studio, you the option of selecting the kind of teacher that you can connect with. You are enabled to select quality teachers from all over the world. That is benefits that you cannot enjoy from yoga studios. Therefore, you can enjoy classes from some of the world’s best yoga trainers.
  6. Personalized Plan
    Another benefit of virtual yoga classes is personalized yoga plans. If you enroll in some of the reputable virtual yoga studios, you’ll be provided with personalized treatment. But that depends on the level of flexibility, health, and experience; they will give you a plan that fits you the best. Most of the virtual trainers also provide virtual trainers who reachable any time of the day if the client is experiencing some difficulty. Such benefits are not available in most of the local yoga studios. Therefore, you get what works for you and not what the rest are doing.
  7. There is no intimidation
    Just like most of the work out programs, it can be very intimidating if you are practicing with die-hard yogis. It could also be that your body is not responding quickly as the rest of the class. That could also lead to intimidation. But with virtual or online classes there is no intimidation since it is you and the trainer. There is no competition, and thus the confidence is high.

Bottom Line
These are the key reasons why people are migrating from studio class in online classes. Virtual classes are more convenient and cost less while the experience far much better. Virtual studios also offer a range of sessions which are not available in studio classes. If you travel a lot or have a busy schedule, then online yoga classes offer an astounding experience for you. Overall, it is the best option today.

Source: https://activeman.com/7-reasons-why-virtual-yoga-class-is-the-way-to-go/

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