Discover Why Henna Brow Tattoo the Hottest Beauty Trend of 2019

Eyebrows are important facial features that frame the eye and define the face, and their shape can drastically enhance or take away from our appearance. Having the correct brow colour and shape and the correct brow supplies at hand is your gateway to achieving the best brow possible for your face!

What is Henna Brow?

Henna Brow is an eyebrow tinting technique that involves staining the skin underneath the brow hairs. The main purpose of this tinting application is to create an illusion of depth and fullness in the eyebrow region. It visually fills up sparse areas by casting a shadow using henna.

Henna is a natural dye sourced from the henna tree. This dye has been in used since ancient times and was originally used to dye hair, clothing, fabrics, and is even used as a cosmetics agent.

The henna brow tinting process is similar to other colouring techniques that make use of henna. The only difference from traditional Indian henna colouring methods is that the shades for eyebrow tinting make use of henna that are suitable for common eyebrow tones.

Henna brow tinting is perfect for low-maintenance men and women who want a full but soft eyebrow look without using makeup. People with dry and sensitive skin are the best candidates for henna brows as there is minimal to no adverse reactions from undergoing the procedure.

Lastly, men and women who do not like the concept of eyebrow tattooing can turn to henna brows as an alternative to nicely-shaped, fuller, and thicker-looking brows.

What goes on during henna brow tinting?

The henna brow tinting process is quick, simple, and straightforward. A single session usually takes about 30 minutes only.

First, a henna brow artist will sculpt the brow line to your ideal brow shape. Common eyebrow shaping techniques include waxing, plucking, or threading.
The henna brow artist will then conduct an assessment and consultation with the client and make recommendations as to which shade perfectly complements him or her.
Next, the brow artist will combine the chosen henna shade powder and demineralized water until it reaches a paste like consistency. The henna paste will then be applied along the outline of the eyebrows. Leave the henna paste in place for 10 to 15 minutes which is enough time for the dye to soak into the skin.
By rule, henna brow tint artists will apply only a small amount of paste at the beginning of the brow and with more paste towards the arch and tail for the ideal ombre effect.

What is the difference of henna eyebrow tinting to other eyebrow tinting techniques?

Henna brow tinting is 100% safe and natural means of colouring the skin beneath the eyebrows. Henna is made from plant-based ingredients which means vegans can use it to enhance the shape and colour of their eyebrows. It is free from peroxide, bleach, and other artificial chemicals that may irritate people with sensitive skin.

A growing number of men and women prefer the application of henna over traditional tinting ingredients due to its all-natural ingredients. Furthermore, henna dye guarantees long-lasting results than other forms of dyes or colouring agents used for eyebrow tinting.

According to eyebrow artists, tinting the eyebrows with henna is a more effective staining technique when compared to other forms of eyebrow shading or tinting. With henna application, the eyebrows appear matte and fluffier than those from traditional staining agents. Although traditional hair and brow dyes colour the hairs more effectively, henna attaches to the skin longer and more effectively.

How long do henna eyebrow tinting results last and what are the steps to properly take care of them?

The results of henna brow tinting can last between two and four weeks. Your skin type also determines how long the henna dye will stay on your skin. For people with dry skin, henna brows may last longer than on people with oily or combination skin.

To ensure that they stay on your brow region as long as possible, brow artists recommend avoiding washing the face excessively. There are products that are formulated to condition eyebrow hairs and oils that help in making the dye stay as longer.

According to brow artists, henna works best and lasts longer on clients with healthy skin. People who suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis may undergo henna eyebrow tinting but the dye won’t last as long as those with healthy skin. Freshly-exfoliated skin is not ideal if you are about to get henna brows as the dye will be unable to grip effectively on newly-scrubbed skin.

Henna eyebrow tinting works perfectly among people with lush brows, whereas people with sparse brow hair won’t experience long-lasting results. The rate by which henna dye disappears also depends on how fast your skin sheds in the brow region. With this in mind, if you exfoliate too much, wash your face frequently, the henna dye will disappear at a faster rate, too. Also, the release of natural oils and skin renewal which happens every few days impact the staying power of henna on your skin.

What are the benefits from henna brow tinting?

One of the biggest advantages of henna brow tinting is that it is very affordable. Beauty salons and aesthetic clinics across the country offer henna brow at cheap price rates. Even those on a tight budget can afford getting henna brow tinting every few weeks to achieve luscious looking brows.

Another advantage of henna brow tinting is that you can purchase henna from beauty supply stores and do the procedure at home. Although this is the most affordable way to tint the skin beneath the brows, we highly recommend that you obtain the services of experts that are trained to perform the procedure at the salon or clinic.

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