The Benefits of Playground Equipment for Early Years Development

Many schools throughout the UK are acknowledging the importance of playground equipment. You may be wondering what is the benefit of installing a wide range of playground equipment in your school. Here at Newby Leisure, we advise and guide our customers on our timber resources to achieve an exciting and fulfilling playground, where early years children can learn and have endless hours of fun.

Our timber playground equipment is perfect, not only for your playground but for residential use too. Each product is designed to enhance early years development, helping them develop skills in socialisation, creativity and physical development. The following benefits are highlighted below alongside a variety of Newby Leisure playground equipment to encourage your little ones to play outdoors again.

So let’s explore the endless benefits …

Encourages children to get out in the great outdoors

Getting children playing outside is harder than it sounds, especially when they’re engrossed by digital screens. This often happens at home, however, teachers are struggling to get their early years engaged with outdoor play; even during school time. Newby Leisures playground design and equipment is designed to entice children to have fun outdoors again. We want outdoor play to be the first choice.

Allow your Kings and Queens to reign in Newby Leisure’s Children’s Play Fort. This wonderful timber fort is designed to inspire exploration and social interaction. Climb up the slope and into the fort to reveal a spacious play area that will keep children entertained for hours.

Childrens Fort

Improves physical health

Outdoor play has many benefits. When children play outside they’re exposed to much need vitamin D, especially during those dark winter months. The fresh air helps early years develop healthy respiratory systems. In addition to burning energy by using a variety of muscle groups that aid physical strength and coordination skills.

The Early Years Clamber Hill is built to inspire creative and social play, this physical play resources will fit perfectly in any early years setting. It’s ideal for developing motor skills and exploration, children will clamber and crawl for hours.

Clamber Hill

Enhances social skills

There is nothing worse than an empty playground, where children are stood around aimlessly. Newby Leisure designs playground equipment that encourages children to come out of their shell and socialise with their peers. Outdoor play helps children to build their social skills and make new friends.

The Children’s Shopping Centre can easily be transformed into a café, post office, bakers or whatever a child’s imagination decides. This role play shopping centre is spacious enough to accommodate a few children at a time to help develop social interaction and communication skills.

Shopping centre

Encourages creativity

Creativity during early years development is often referred to as imaginative play. Imagination flourishes when a child plays outdoors in the fresh air. Newby Leisure has designed a Drawing Table that takes marking to another level. This wonderful wooden play resource is perfect for early years education. The easy-clean acrylic surface allows children to draw, play and wipe away. The Drawing Table is designed to help your child to develop their drawing skills whilst they socialise with their peers. It’s complete with underneath storage for paintbrushes, pens, books and acrylics. Encourage your little one to become the next Vincent Van Gogh.

Drawing Table

Supports mental wellbeing

In a society that’s increasingly more susceptible to stress and anxiety, it’s important for children to learn how to relax and let off steam through play. As they grow they will have to face academic pressures. Luckily, outdoor play facilitates the release of endorphins which improves mental health and wellbeing.

Newby Leisures Coloured Teepee is perfect for storytelling and role play, keeping your children engaged for hours. Children can crawl in, read their favourite books or simply relax in this wonderful quiet area.

Coloured Teepee

Enhances Fine Motor Skills

Outdoor play helps early years to fine-tune their motor skills. Children naturally build these skills through sensory and construction play. As they touch tactile objects, experiencing a range of texture, they develop fine and gross motor skills – pushing, pulling, squeezing and throwing.

Newby Leisure’s Children’s Builder’s Yard can be used for all types of construction play. Being an open-ended product, children will have hours of fun engaging in various role-play activities whilst building their fine motor skills. On the whole, it’s a versatile, multi-use product, ideal for role play, construction, messy play and more!

Children’s Builders Yard

Harnesses Talent Early

An empty and lifeless playground prevents children from making the most of their talents. A well-designed playground with a range of psychical equipment allows young children to discover their hidden talents and help them to refine them.

Newby Leisures Mud Kitchen is a versatile playground resource, the unit is made to benefit a variety of learning ambitions. The Mud Kitchen offers the chance for children to explore and enhance their numerical and creative skills. This timber resource allows children to bring their imaginative ideas to life.

Mud Kitchen

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