The Best Fire Pit 2021

Do you like hanging out with family and friends outside on cool evenings? We’ve got an interesting selection of fire pit ideas for you to explore. In these times more than ever, the right fire pit can transform your outdoor space.

Whether we’re talking about a backyard or garden fire pit, there are lots of materials, designs, and styles out there for you to explore. You don’t want just any fire pit–you want one that feels part of the family.

We’ve already written an ultimate guide on fire pits. In this post, we want to focus more on fire pit ideas that can inspire you to build your own–or redesign an old pit.

Let’s get warm and cozy!

Why a Fire Pit?

We wouldn’t be here now if it weren’t for the discovery of fire. That’s a fact. Fire transformed the lives of our ancestors and sped up their progress through the millennia.

Fire pits are both practical and visually striking. On a practical level, they are the center point around which you can set up outdoor furniture or garden benches to create a gathering place for friends and family.

All the fire pit ideas on our list provide enough warmth for you and your close ones to enjoy some quality time outside in pretty much all seasons–fall and winter included.

If you normally forget about your garden or backyard come cold weather, a fire pit can give you a pretty warm reason to use your outdoor space in all seasons–so long as it’s not raining or snowing.

Depending on the design you choose for your pit, you may also be able to use the fire to roast marshmallows, cook barbecue, make other campfire favorites.

Aesthetically, a fire pit can add a lot to the design of your outdoor space. It can fill an empty spot and become the center of attention. However, a fire pit doesn’t have to stand out if you don’t want it to.

Among our fire pit ideas, you’ll see examples of fire pits that blend in seamlessly within their setting or décor without drawing unnecessary attention to them.

So, why a fire pit? Because it’s warm, social, and nice to look at, and also because it’s going to last a long time without requiring too much maintenance.

Best Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

Outdoor fire pits come in lots of shapes and styles. In this post, we’re focusing on the style and materials of the fire pits rather than the fuel they use (you can read more about fit pit fuels in our ultimate fire pit guide).

If you’re thinking about adding a cozy place to your outdoors, explore now our selection of fire pit ideas across categories.

We’ll start with fire pit ideas for your backyard and then move on to fire pit ideas for gardens.

Fire Pit Ideas for Backyards

The backyard is often the best place for a fire pit because of its privacy. The smoke won’t be bothering the neighbors either. https://53d6eae982a3c1730239ffd5bc35b2f4.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

If you don’t have an old fire pit already, you may want to choose your backyard as the setting for your first pit.x

Small Fire Pit Ideas

Small fire pits are easy to build and you can adapt them to pretty much any backyard without much hassle or redesigns.

1. Small Circular Stone Fire Pit

We’re kicking off our list with a small circular stone fire pit installed within a circle of gravel. In the example below, the backyard is huge and borders on some woods, but the fire pit itself is quite small.

2. Small Fire Pit Bowl

Here an example that’s even more friendly for beginners. This stone fire pit bowl is minimalistic and elegant at the same time. It’s not a fire pit in the traditional sense of the word but pretty cool nevertheless.

3. Sunken Stone Fire Pit

Sunken fire pits are also a great choice if you’re looking for something small. Since you place them in the ground, they don’t take all that much space. The example below is a great case in point.

Another advantage of sunken firepits is that you can usually move the garden furniture close to them without the risk of getting burned. We’ll share with you more sunken fire pit ideas later on in this article.

4. Modern Rectangular Fire Pit

Next, here’s a modern take on fire pits that also provides some table space. This fire pit is built into the stone table providing an elegant choice for bulkier pits.

It also uses space effectively and doesn’t look sad when not in use.

Cheap Fire Pit Ideas

Fire pits may look expensive. And this is in part true–some fire pits really are. But it’s possible to build a fire pit even if you’re not willing to spend all that much on it.

That’s what our cheap fire pit ideas are all about.

Remember that at the end of the day, a fire pit is a simple hole in the ground or an enclosed space at the surface where you can build a fire–nothing fancy!

5. Inexpensive Stone Fire Pit

Here’s a good example of just that. The fire pit in the image below is a simple stone brick fire pit built on a sitting area covered with gravel–to keep the surface safe and usable in all weathers.

6. Hanging Metal Fire Pit

Hanging metal fire pits like the one also tend to be affordable. They are easy to set up and come with the advantage of portability–you can move them to another place or put them in storage if you want.

7. Circular Stone Pit

Placing stones in a circular formation like in the example below is a simple way to create a rustic fire pit. You can adapt the design to your available space, making it bigger or smaller as needed.

8. Semicircle Stone Pit

Fire pits don’t all have to be circular. This semicircle stone fire pit uses the wall of a garden area separator as one of its sides. It’s an interesting design that can help you save space and materials.

But keep in mind that this type of fire pit needs to be well built on a firm foundation to last. You don’t want to just pile the stones together without any cement!

Garden Fire Pit Ideas

Time for some garden fire pit ideas. Maybe you have a garden already. Or maybe you’re planning to create one soon. Either way, you may want to consider adding a fire pit to it.

Fire pits can make a garden sitting area much more pleasant. But it can also be used as mostly a decorative element.

The general rule when building a garden fire pit is to make sure it blends in with the rest of your garden design. https://53d6eae982a3c1730239ffd5bc35b2f4.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

You don’t want it to stand in the way or add weight or too much texture to a part of the garden that’s already harmonious.

Square Fire Pit Ideas

Square fire pits can take less space than round ones. They look modern and can be integrated into most designs.

9. Square Stone Fire Pit

Like in the example below, they are great when incorporated into designs that use straight lines and geometric shapes.

10. Elevated Garden Fire PitNow here’s an example of an elevated garden fire pit that doubles as a sitting place and art feature when it’s not in use. When lighted up, it can transform the place into a convenient lounge area.
11. Fire Pit for Two

A fire pit for two? We say go for it. An intimate design like this one fits into most gardens, even small ones in urban areas. It can create a wonderful corner for a couple.

12. Small Square Firepit for Home

You can also enjoy a fire pit on your own if you prefer. In the following example, the fire pit creates a calm and tranquil place for a sitter. The glass sides prevent items for slipping into the fire. https://53d6eae982a3c1730239ffd5bc35b2f4.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

Tip: By gluing stone only to the outside of the fire pit, you can reduce its weight and make it easier to install on a balcony or terrace.

Sunken Fire Pit Ideas

Sunken fire pits are built below the level of the ground. This has a number of advantages including better protection against the fire spreading and using the ground itself as a separator between the pit and the seating area.

What’s more, these fire pits can feel snug and cozy and look quite striking from a distance. They enable you to play with the design in ways that raised fire pits don’t.

13. Poolside Fire Pit

Here’s an example to show you what we mean. In the image below, a small fire pit is built right next to the pool to create a wonderful hangout space.

14. Designer Fire Pit

If you have in mind a more colorful design, here’s another example of a sunken fire pit to inspire you. This one is quite Zen in its proportions and the materials it uses–but at the same time strikingly modern. https://53d6eae982a3c1730239ffd5bc35b2f4.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

In the image above, the orange pillows create a nice contrast with the stone benches, white gravel, and timber decking. The fire pit is essentially a big bowl that blends in seamlessly into the design.

15 .Oriental Sunken Fire Pit

With our following example, we’re returning to sunken stone fire pits. The pillows give this one an oriental feel. Also notice the decorative mushrooms in the background, those are great!

Tip: Gravel is an excellent choice for filling the area around a fire pit. It will prevent weeds from growing while at the same time provide protection from errant sparks.

Source: https://www.plantedwell.com/fire-pit-ideas/

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