The Best Wall Art Canvas 2021

In this post ill cover the new and most exciting abstract & modern art trends i think we’ll see more of in 2021.

We’ve barely started 2021 and it already feels like modern abstract art and wall decor in general is going to gain a lot of popularity this year.

Abstract art is known to be the expression of our most complex thoughts and emotions.

Some pieces will create a certain calm, while others may feature a myriad of vivid colors that bring life to any room.

2020 has been rough on all of us. Fortunately, The world will never be the same as it was in it’s pre-pandemic form. I, for one, can’t wait to see how this affects artists and what kind of new creative artworks and trends will take rise in 2021.

In this post i will cover the most exciting and creative trends in abstract art for the coming year (2021) based on my own work and experience and my connections with fellow artists.

Black & White (monochrome) wall decor

Black and white art seems to remind us of the fact that classics never seem to go out of style.

Since it doesn’t include any colors, Black and white modern art is more likely to be perceived as a classic, a timeless piece.

Having the knowledge that black does well on every other color, this trend can compliment your space no matter what tone you chose for you wall.

Black and white abstract art doesn’t seem to be leaving the center stage any time soon. Monochromatic art provides a massive amount of contrast to any decor, That’s something we can all relate to nowadays.

Although the black and white abstract art trend certainly did not start this year, I think in 2021 we are going to see more and more artists taking advantage of the great contrast between these two most basic and classic tones in their works and using this contrast to create amazing works of art.

Warm colors in home decor and art

I guess most if not all us are going to spend more than enough time at home in the coming winter.

Art and wall decor featuring warm colors may be intended to depict different things and convey various ideas or emotions.

There is not doubt however that the addition of warm tones to any home decor style adds a “cousy” sense and makes our space feel a lot more like a home.

Warm colors in art seem to work well with darker tones, This combination can add a lot of depth to any space.

This year i hope to see artworks that are optimistic by nature and artworks that will help us gather our strengths as we rebuild the world and society as we once knew it.

Ocean, Water and blue tones in art and home decor

I know two of the things i missed the most in the previous year is the beach and the ocean.

There is nothing more soothing and calming than just sitting on the beach for a few hours before the sun sets and just watching and listening to the waves crash ashore. Taking in and making yourself one with the rhythm of the sea.

I think the pleasure of experiencing the ocean is something a lot of us can relate to, Especially this year.

I would love to see more artists using these amazing blue ocean tones in their work this year and i would also love to see more people featuring this kind of ocean hue artworks in their home and wall decor.

All living things are made mostly of water, Blue watery tones will surely add a very calming natural feeling to any home. Even if the subject matter is not the ocean itself.

Abstract line art / Modern line art

One art trend that seems to be on the rise in recent years are the different forms of line art.

This technique involves an abstract depiction of scenes using thin, concise and mostly continuous lines.

Even though we’re talking about thin lines, abstract line art can have a huge positive influence on any home decor just by being there.

Line art generates a sense of minimalism so it can be incorporated in complex home decor scenes, bringing them together and creating order within the “chaos”.

Some modern line art may seem “simple” to the untrained eye but great artists have the ability to convey very deep and complex ideas through the use of allegedly simple lines.

I really hope to see and create more of these inspiring line artworks in the coming year.

Global influence & Places of great significance

We’ve come accustomed to travel freely around the world. It has been so long since any of us could travel freely to other countries. I think most people would say travelling is the thing they missed the most in 2020.

There is not substitute for visiting new places and experiencing different cultures.

Now, More than ever, It’s important to keep a reminder to our selves that the world is enormous, That there are a lot of different places and cultures out there.

What better way to do that then by bringing art that depicts places of great importance or other cultures into our home?

Some places and cultural symbols may remind different people of different things. Experiences you had in that place, The people you met, The emotions they made you feel.

If you can find an art piece that brings all of that to mind its definitely worth making room for in your home.

Abstract faces / Modern art portraits

One of the things that was rough for me this year was the need to limit my social encounters to a minimum.

I think our connections with other people has a great impact on who we are and how we feel.

Just walking down the street, Looking at all the different faces is something that a lot of people missed this year due to the global pandemic.

I hope this year more artists would create artworks that gives us the sense that we are not alone and remind us that there are others out there just like us.

Great artists can capture the entire essence of a person with a single artwork. In 2021 I hope to see more inspiring artworks that grants us a glimpse into the subjects soul just by looking at them.

Wellness & Healthy living in art

This year we had a lot of time to reflect on our life, our habits and they way we chose to conduct our day to day life.

I know for a fact a lot of people have decided to adopt a more healthy life style this year and i think its great!

I also know many people have decided to start doing things to actively improve themselves, Wether its physical workout, Meditation or any other activity that is done to improve your self.

I think this trend of “self improvement” and a healthy life style would also manifest itself in some of the artworks we’ll see this year.

Art has the ability to put us in a certain place mentally and i think art could and would be a great way to generate the right “vibe” we want in our home and help keep us on track with our goals.

Chaotic abstract & modern art

Most of us spent a lot of time at home this year. It can get pretty quiet and surreal between these 4 walls.

This year, I think we will see more artworks that depict chaotic scenes and emotions. I think it is important for us to be reminded that the world used to be a very chaotic places with a lot of visual and audible stimulations.

As you may have noticed, I love to create artworks that are full of shapes, lines and colors.

I love the way these kind of artworks allow me to convey an idea and i think this year more artists are going to use these chaotic kind of art for themselves.

Gold in art

Gold in art is actually a trend that has been going on for a couple of years now.

I’ve started to use real gold leaves in my art about 10 years ago when it wasn’t as common as it is today. Gold leaves are a very different material to work with when you’re used to working mainly with oil or acrylic paints.

I actually really enjoyed the creation process with that then new material and i believe it allowed to create artworks that convey unique ideas that were difficult to convey using other materials.

In the last few years i see more and more artists using gold in their artworks and i notice a lot of people are loving the gold tone in their home decor.

I think this year the gold trend is going to grow even more. More people will choose to add artworks containing gold to their wall decor and more artists will make use of this great, age old material and hue.

Gold has a very elegant look & feel to it and it goes well with almost any color. I for one love to combine gold with black and white. I think the bright “shiny” gold gets and even bigger “kick” on monochromatic peices.

Wall arts that we select for our interiors are very important because they initiate the type of mood present in your living space. The artwork on our walls conveys a message and expresses the kind of vibe one wants in their surrounding. We depend on our homes to remind us about our goals, desires, and dreams in life. Wall art decoration is popular wall art trends 2021/2022. 

The 2021 year came along with a very huge influence of decoration and fashion sense, both interior and exterior. This has given rise to proficient artists and designers who have come up with magnificent masterpieces to help their clients achieve the kind of mood they desire for their space. The trends are more classy and wall art trends 2021 and wall art trends 2022 will definitely rise in elegance.

Wall arts say a lot about our personalities; they help create a unique space from one house to another due to variance in interests and passions thus different personalities. However, clients online have been going through a difficult time trying to select and choose the appropriate wall arts for their houses. Worry no more!

Often underestimated, in reality wall decorations such as photo prints or wall posters can represent a real ace to give character to environments, to fill white walls, but also to mask small defects, shifting attention to something else . You can choose modern paintings but also classic canvas prints or original wall posters to hang in the room you want: from the living room to the kitchen, the proposals are many.

Refresh your house’s look and update it to a more modernized and cozy visual. Pick a balanced combo between vintage and antique gems and accomplish an elegant look for your house. Get to revamp your house by adding framed showpieces, posters, and prints.  

Looking deeper into wall art trends 2021, the following trends accommodate all clients from minimalist lovers to maximalist color optimists. They will guide you through and help you adjudge on the kind of art you need to set the considerate feel you want for your space. 

Top Wall  Art Trends 2021

Line art 

This ancient artwork has stood to generate and achieve contrastive moods in an updated style of 2021. This infinite artwork is every minimalist’s dream and desire. Using simple black lines, line art can be used on a white and background to display a dramatic visual. 

Line art varies from classics to contemporary shapes. Clients prefer prints of famous artworks, modern and original one-line portraits, intertwined figures, or digitally designed artworks considering their variance in sentiments and interests. They offer a raw and simple look that is undeniable before the client’s eyes. 

Apparently, people are madly in love with line arts thus making their demand rise steadily. You’ll find them printed on pillows, vases, cushions, and wallpapers. This look works appropriately in light, white backgrounds, and earthly colored house accessories. 

Canvas wall arts  

Ranging from large-sized canvas wall arts to medium-sized ones, people are promptly getting to make bold and considerate art choices for their living spaces. It all goes down to the size of the room or space one owns. 

A relatively larger room will accommodate a larger canvas wall print compared to a medium-sized one which will most probably take protocol and contain a smaller artwork. Production and sales of surreal canvas artworks have skystriken to affirm the steady supply of this mentally visual type of art across the globe. 

Adding a small/medium-sized canvas print to a relatively smaller room i.e. bathroom and bedrooms; will be a perfect finish for the breathtaking look you’ve been craving for.  

Female Figure  

Explaining the human body’s sovereignty, designers have resurfaced a delusion over the human body and come up with marvelous artworks of the female body drawings and paintings that have taken interior decoration to the next level. 

These artworks have been put in place to celebrate the intimate female beauty, empower strong (powerful) female leaders, and appreciate their presence. Designers have displayed female stories through cozy, earthly, and retro-inspired pictures and prints thus increasing visibility for female leaders. 


We all long for a calming, relaxed, and peaceful mood for our spaces. Green has prominently proven to be one of the biggest color trends in the modern world decoration and design field.

The demand for houseplants has rapidly risen since people have seen to take decoration to the next level by ‘bringing nature indoors’ from the exterior to their rooms using frames, vases, and wallpapers. Nature and landscape images are not only aesthetically pleasing but also give us a sense of well-being. 

They bring life into the house in vases, frames portraits, and animal pets. People prefer Biophilic art to flower gardening and maintenance because it requires less responsibility. 

Animal portraits 

For the undying love for animals and pets, designers have come up with animal portraits for you to hang in your living space, fully expressing your unconditional love for animals or a specific animal. This has resulted in the appearance of animal prints on pillows, rugs, carpets, cushions, and even curtains. 

Bold abstracts  

Using different colors and color shades, designers have come up with color combinations to set up a certain mood considering the client’s desires and passions. Insertion of vibrant and bright colors has been steadily put into practice by individuals to increase emphasis on different room sections of the house to achieve a desired tone or mood for your living space.

Bold abstracts give a better visual when presented as large-size canvas and gallery walls. 

Creative photography 

Relying on high contrast black and white images; and colorful images, people have been able to point out their deepest desires and passions easily. The simplicity in this kind of artwork gives it an outstanding feature of the ability to present a whole story or philosophy in one professional photograph. 

Statement portraits 

Beautifully styled and strong human faces talking about human emotions and connection via frames and portraits has become a viral trend in the modern world. These portraits are known to bring a warm and calm feeling to your space helping you to relax and calm down in the peaceful and familiar surroundings offered. 

Source : Pinterest

How to choose the right wall art for your home

To achieve a successful result, keep in mind that some modern paintings look their best when hung alone, especially large ones. As for the diptychs, triptychs or works of smaller dimensions, the arrangement in a group can be evaluated, which can give shape to rather  captivating combinations.

In the latter case, to avoid an inconclusive result, however, it is recommended to find a common denominator, including:

– color: you can choose a chromatic scale or, if you want a surprising and out of the ordinary effect, complementary shades such as yellow and purple;

– themes: in this case the focus will be the theme. For example, if you have a passion for the city of Paris, modern paintings with the Eiffel Tower, can-can dancers and croissants will be perfect;

– shapes: the combination of canvases of the same shape will ensure a somewhat pleasing symmetry to the eye, even if you want to indulge yourself with different dimensions, indeed it will be the latter that will give even more uniqueness and character to the wall;

– distance: placing the various modern paintings equidistant will allow you to create a perfectly balanced effect, even if they are works of different shapes and sizes.

In this case, however, a careful study of the proportions is necessary, perhaps with the help of an expert professional, who will be able to identify the strong points of each canvas in no time at all;

– contrast with the furniture: this solution is particularly suitable for those with an eclectic personality who want to abandon the usual clichés.

A striking example is the combination of modern abstract paintings with traditional style furniture or, if the latter is minimalist, one could venture with works depicting Moorish heads, which will give the environment an elegant and refined look.

Wall Art Trends 2021 – Conclusion

Step up and complete the look of your living space using good art from professional designers and decoration companies. Remember to keep your personal artwork decisions to yourself to avoid influence in the change of personality from external factors.

Make art choices your way and ensure they fully accommodate your interests and passions. Create a cozy visual expression for your space and be the one in control of the type of vibe you want to be dominion, in and around your space. 

Wall art trends 2021 will give you more knowledge of trends that will help you express your personality, desires, and passions via wallpapers, prints, and frames on your walls. Find more decoration ideas to add to art here.

Source: https://ronderiart.com/blog/wall-decor-modern-art-trends-in-2021/

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