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Making your move to the Pocono area soon? Renting storage is an easy and affordable way to organize your belongings as you move into your new home. And when you store with Moose Crossing Self Storage, you can even save money. Because when you refer a friend to us, you each get $50 off your next rental. We have been helping tenants move all year, as many people have been moving from big cities. We looked at why so many people were flocking to the suburbs. Reasons City Residents Moved Elsewhere During the Pandemic High Cost of Living in a Bad Job Market. New York, Chicago, and San Francisco are some of the priciest cities to live in, and they saw some of the largest numbers of people to move away once the pandemic started. People were losing their jobs and could not afford future rent. Lost Freedoms to Government Mandates. City governments imposed restrictions for safety, but residents did not welcome them across the board. When some people saw more rural areas still had the ability to go to restaurants and shops, they were persuasive to consider other locations. Large Populations. It makes it easier to follow the six-feet-apart rule when you have the space to do so. City stores, restaurants, and public transportation can get crowded. Many people left the city permanently or temporarily for their own safety. Moose Crossing Self Storage’s Refer a Friend Deal Ready to see how Moose Crossing Self Storage can help you move? Stop by our storage facility on Route 940 to check out our drive-up and interior storage selection. We also offer secure vehicle storage in Blakeslee PA. See all our available storage units online. You can reserve your storage unit online today! Refer a friend to save $50 on your next storage rental!

Holiday Donations Benefit Blakeslee PA Families!

In Our Community

Many families are about to enter into the holiday season with some kind of financial difficulty. With unemployment rates high and businesses shut down due to COVID-19, The Salvation Army is facing a greater need than ever in recent years for its services. It could see up to 155% more people facing housing or food insecurity needed the aid of The Salvation Army’s assistance programs. Moose Crossing Self Storage is collecting donations that will support local efforts from The Salvation Army in Blakeslee PA. Help Fund Holiday Assistance Services in Blakeslee PA When times get tough, we can always count on the community to come together. The pandemic brought economic difficulty onto a lot of families this year. The Salvation Army provides programs through its Rescue Christmas campaign to support community members through these tough times.The Salvation Army provides support for families struggling to pay utility bills or rent payments. It also serves holiday meals and food boxes so individuals do not have to worry about going hungry. During the holiday season, The Salvation Army also matches donors with kids whose parents are unable to fit Christmas presents in the budget this year. If you can, please donate to help sustain these holiday programs for our Annville PA neighbors who need them. Moose Crossing Self Storage: Blakeslee PA We have 325 storage units at our facility on Route 940 in Blakeslee PA. Moose Crossing Self Storage offers affordable interior and drive-up storage units. We are not far from I-80 and Lake Harmony. For those who live in the Pocono Mountains either year-round or seasonally, our storage units can protect your belongings through any weather. And if you need a place to park your vehicle, trailer, or boat, our outdoor parking options have you covered. Reserve your storage with Moose Crossing Self Storage online today or call our office!

We Sell All the Storage Supplies You Need

Packing Tips

Get ready for the cold weather by packing up your summer items for storage. If you live in the Pocono Mountains near Jack Frost Ski Resort, Moose Crossing Self Storage is close to you on Route 940! We have storage units as well as necessary storage supplies for packing at our Blakeslee PA facility. And when you buy storage supplies from Moose Crossing Self Storage during October, you are contributing to a donation to Susan G. Komen in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Stop by our office to help us make a difference! 1. Gather the Right Boxes and Supplies You will most likely need boxes of all sizes to pack efficiently. Large items with some extra weight to them should be packed into smaller boxes as long as they can fit. This will make it easier to carry. Otherwise, a large box carrying a lot of weight could break or end up injuring the person carrying it. You can use a large box to carry your lighter objects, like blankets and clothes, that don’t pose a risk of breaking. Also, pick out the storage supplies you need ahead of time for packing and padding your boxes. You can find boxes, bubble wrap, and more in our office. 2. Reserve Your Services ASAP Do you plan on renting a moving truck? Movers? These are all factors to consider far in advance. Once you decide on a moving day, start booking your services to make sure they are all available on the same day. Reserve your storage unit from Moose Crossing Self Storage online or by calling our office. Why Get Storage and Storage Supplies from Moose Crossing Self Storage in Blakeslee PA? Whether you live in the area permanently or seasonally, you have items to store for the winter. Moose Crossing Self Storage is nearby, offers all the necessary amenities for both residential and commercial storage, and has resources to guide you through the storage process. And when you run into a situation when

Pocono Mountain Commercial Storage

Business Storage

Are you looking for more space for your Pocono Mountains business? Moose Crossing Self Storage offers a range of commercial storage options. We have drive-up and interior storage units, as well as parking spaces, available to rent. Find your next storage solution here! Moose Crossing Self Storage: Commercial Storage Features Drive Up Storage Units If you plan to store large or bulky items, it is easiest to rent a drive-up storage unit. You can pull your vehicle right up to your storage unit, so there is minimal heavy lifting. A majority of Moose Crossing Self Storage’s storage units have this feature. Interior Storage Units Interior storage units differ from regular storage units because their entry point is indoors. Exterior storage units (like the drive-up ones) are on the outskirts of the building, whereas you generally need to walk into a building down hallways to access interior ones. These are convenient for small or expensive items. You do not want to carry anything too heavy through the facility. But the added security of having more walls and locks between your items and the outside can give you peace of mind. Flexible Leases and Convenient Location We offer month-by-month leasing, so you can choose as you go along whether you would like to rent short-term or long-term. Our facility at the corner of Route 115 and 940 in Blakeslee PA is the perfect location for businesses in the Pocono Mountains. Parking Spaces If your business has company vehicles, make sure they have safe storage. Do not leave them to the mercy of your employees’ street parking. We offer 10ft x 30ft parking space, so you can keep all your business items in one place. Examples of Businesses We Serve Painting Landscaping Construction Seasonal Rental Shops Catering/Restaurant Businesses Retail Stores Sales Representatives Commercial Storage at Moose Crossing Self Storage Make Moose Crossing Self Storage your business’ premium commercial storage location in the Pocono Mountains. Our facility in Blakeslee PA has drive-up and interior storage units available to help organize your business. Give us a call with any questions. 

Do You Know If You Need a Medium or Small Storage Unit?

Our Storage Facility

It is important to understand which size storage units are appropriate for which household items. You do not want to rent a small storage unit if you actually need a medium. That is why Moose Crossing Self Storage created a sizing guide to make the storage process easy. We also offer drive-up storage units in a range of sizes. Small Storage Units Commonly Used For: seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, shed/garage/closet items A small storage unit is approximately the size of a closet and can hold most of the contents of a regular-sized bedroom. Reclaim your home storage space by storing seasonal pieces with us. We can keep your Christmas tree until you are ready to decorate, and during the cold months, we will hold onto your swimming floats and tubes. Medium Storage Units Commonly Used For: apartment/condo contents, extensive trips or deployment, small vehicles, outdoor equipment Living in the Poconos means you need room to store summer items (jet skis, kayaks, canoes) and winter gear (skis, snowboards, sleds).Self storage is an affordable way to make room in your house for everyday items while still storing your seasonal items safely. Large Storage Units Commonly Used For: multi-room house, business inventory, vehicles Store your belongings as you move into a new house, or use the space to keep your extra car safe from the elements. Large storage units are versatile and can fit four to six rooms’ furniture and contents. They can hold bookcases, mattresses, dressers, bed frames, furniture sets, and wardrobes. Self Storage in the Pocono Mountains Moose Crossing Self Storage in Blakeslee PA offers drive-up and interior storage units to the surrounding area. We can store your cabin’s seasonal items closeby. If you still do not know which size storage unit you need, check out our storage calculator. Reserve your next storage unit with Moose Crossing Self Storage!

How Self Storage Can Help You Make Space For Your Home Office and Gym

Home Office

Are you working remotely, running your business, paying bills, or just exercising from home? If you are, you will need a better location in your home to complete these objectives besides just a corner of the living room. With the help of self storage, it is now time to take back your space so you can create your home office or gym. Moose Crossing Self Storage has various storage solutions for storing your belongings in order for you to be able to work remotely and stay organized, in addition to creating your home gym allowing for both your mind and body to stay active. Uncover some helpful tips below for how to make use of self storage around the house! Home: Remove Distractions Use Storage Space Comfort Is Key Make A Shared Space Home Gym: Convert Your Outdoor Space Stay Organized Keep It Spacious Combine Work & Play The beneficial tips above are to help you get the organization around your home started. An essential component to remember about making an at-home office is to make it contemporary, open, and somewhere you want to work day in and day out. Blakeslee PA Storage Working remotely or working out from home, self storage is key to becoming and staying organized. Our Blakeslee PA storage facility is fully secure with gated access, personalized keypad access at entry points, 24 hour digitally video recording cameras, and drive-up storage units for use. If you need to store furniture to create room in your home for an office or gym, try out one of our large drive-up options. There are also small unit sizes available as well if you only are looking to store some of your personal belongings. Start storing in Blakeslee PA today at Moose Crossing Self Storage by renting or reserving a unit online!

Temporary Storage Tips for Before, During & After Your Move

Self Storage Tips

Looking for temporary storage after your move? Mosse Crossing Self Storage in Blakeslee PA can help before during and after a move to keep your home show-ready. If you are moving rooms around in your home to prepare to work from home for the summer, let our short term storage ideas help you make your home and office like an oasis. Temporary Storage Tips For Your Home Use self-storage to keep seasonal boxes out of useful space around the house. Make your home office productive with open walls and a few plants to liven up the area. Reserve your storage unit before you move, we will save your space for up to 2 weeks. Store furniture, bookshelves, and other household items to make your home office. Use storage units to prepare for your open house while not falling behind on packing. You do not have to be moving to take advantage of temporary storage at our Blakeslee PA storage facility. Mosse Crossing Self Storage offers drive-up and interior self-storage near Pocono Lake. Start Storing Today! When you are ready to rent self-storage we are here to help. Choose your storage unit online and rent today or reserve for another day. Our contactless storage rentals make renting self-storage in Blakeslee PA safe and easy and our experts are call, email, or visit away.

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