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Have you been wanting to take that step of developing your yoga teacher within to help enrich the lives of others by being their yogic guide, teacher, and mentor? What has been holding you back from becoming a yoga teacher yet? Is it the cost of yoga teacher training? Is it the time away from work, family, school or other commitments you thought would be required when enrolling in traditional yoga teacher training? Well guess what…everything has changed! Enroll in one of the best online yoga teacher training certification courses of 2021 and begin your yoga teacher training journey just as soon as you’re ready for a fraction of the cost of what you might expect. Our online yoga teacher training reviews will help you to discover the Best Online Yoga Teacher Training programs that are accepting students now.

Yes, you can now become a yoga teacher online
No more waiting to travel or waiting for the course to begin, you can start your yoga teacher training journey now, if you’d like. If you’ve been wondering which online yoga teacher training is best, this article is for you. We’ve got the Best Online Yoga Teacher Training certifications to consider enrolling in in 2021, and our list below is a bit different than the norm! To help you better understand why online training is the most convenient, affordable, and progressive course to take to attain your yoga teaching certification, we’ve gathered everything you need to know.

Join one of the best online yoga teacher training certification programs and begin your teacher training journey
Why not make 2021 YOUR year to pursue your passion and take that next step in personal development by becoming a certified yoga teacher? Explore our thorough, authentic, and in-depth online yoga teacher training reviews and discover why enrolling in one of the Best Online Yoga Teacher Training certification courses will set you up for a successful career as a yoga teacher.

What to look forward to in online yoga teacher training
Get to know yourself better in yoga teacher training…

Yoga teacher training will connect you more with your physical body as you learn more about anatomy and the mechanics of movement, and gain a deeper understanding of the various yoga ‘asanas’ or yoga postures. All yoga schools that are Yoga Alliance RYS (Yoga Alliance registered yoga schools) must include 30 hours of anatomy and physiology as part of the training according to YA (Yoga Alliance) new standards. Understanding anatomy and the proper techniques of yoga asanas are two of the most enriching aspects of attending a yoga teacher training.

See below for a breakdown of Yoga Alliance educational requirements. All of the online yoga teacher training programs listed below are Yoga Alliance approved.

Become a yoga instructor online and create the future of your dreams…
Have you envisioned your future as a yoga teacher traveling the world, leading retreats and certifying other aspiring teachers? Or maybe you see yourself teaching yoga online, living wherever your heart so desires and having the ultimate freedom of not being tied to a particular place? Yoga Journal has a great article about how to create online yoga classes and subscription-based yoga platforms. Take a look to inspire your gypsy-soul within about how to get started becoming a location independent yoga teacher once you’ve completed online yoga teacher training.

And here’s a little secret, there is a lot of money to be made as an online yoga teacher aka yogiprenuer. If you’re of an entrepreneurial spirit, the opportunities are limitless in this digital era we are living in where courses, apps, and global online classrooms are the new norm!

Online yoga teacher training certification, the new normal…
Becoming a yoga teacher has never been more accessible. You do not need to spend $10,000 on an exotic yoga teacher training retreat. You do not need to take weeks away from work or family. You can do it all at your own pace in your own space for a fraction of the cost of in-person yoga teacher training.

How to become a yoga instructor online
Lets look at some of the most important aspects to consider when thinking about online yoga training and deciding which online yoga teacher certification program is best for you. Here we’ll get into some of the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing an online YTT in 2021 as we delve into how to become a yoga instructor online.

First and foremost you will need to choose the yoga school that’s right for you. Many of the programs below have more detailed information about their yoga teacher training on their website, including videos that give you a little bit more insight into their yoga teacher training program. Most will also answer any additional questions you may have over email and/or phone, and don’t be afraid to reach out to them.

After enrolling its time to get serious! You will be given access to the online teacher training program and you can begin moving through the study modules. Consider regimenting your routing as online learning will require some discipline. Perhaps find a study buddy online in your chosen yoga school’s Facebook group and commit to your daily study habits to stay on track with your goal date to complete the course.

Try to complete a set number of hours of yoga teacher training hours each week to stay on pace. Defining your daily or weekly goals of required reading, required yoga practice hours, necessary yoga anatomy vocabulary memorization, and inward self-study and meditation/journaling hours could be helpful.

And get ready to get in shape because a daily yoga practice should definitely be a part of your yoga teacher training!

Yogi study tip -using a flashcard app is really useful for studying and memorizing yoga anatomy and yoga postures.

Is online yoga teacher training legit?
If you’ve been wondering if online yoga teacher training is legit, the answer to that is yes!

There are now multiple yoga schools, teachers, and programs that offer 200 hour yoga teacher training online. Some of the most acclaimed yoga teachers and most lauded yoga studios around the world have adapted their in-person YTT formats to online yoga teacher training formats. Being that The Yogatique is deeply entrenched in the online yoga world, in the process of creating our online yoga teacher training reviews we have carefully selected these specific online yoga training courses outlined below to ensure we are recommending what we consider to be the Best Online Yoga Teacher Training certification courses available now. And we are very familiar with all of the teachers and courses that we have chosen. Feel free to reach out directly to us with questions you may have about any of the online yoga teacher trainings we’ve outlined, or about the process of becoming a yoga teacher online.

Can you do yoga teacher training online?
Yes, you can complete the entire yoga teacher training process online. Since 2020 when Yoga Alliance approved online yoga teacher training as a recognized method to become a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher, online yoga teacher training has become more mainstream (learn more about Yoga Alliance below).

Is online yoga teacher training worth it?
The affordability, flexibility, and opportunity to study under world-class International teachers makes online yoga teacher training worth it. As with many other educational fields that have moved to online and distant learning formats, yoga teacher training has too. With lifetime access to the educational materials provided, as well as the opportunity to learn at-home in a quiet learning environment without classroom interruptions and distractions you will absorb everything you need to know to become a great yoga teacher.

Who teaches online yoga teacher training?
Do you have a favorite yoga teacher – like Briohny Smyth or Patrick Beach and Carling Harps of Alo Moves fame perhaps? Well now, regardless of where you live in the world or what time zone you live in, you can be under the tutelage of some of the most experienced and sought after yoga teachers in the world.

You now have the chance like never before to absorb all of their knowledge for a fraction of the cost by joining their newly launched online yoga teacher certification courses. This. Is. Very. Exciting.

Read about my 200 hour online yoga teacher training experience with Bri

The evolution of online yoga teacher training
As with everything, yoga has gone digital. Online yoga teacher training certifcation courses can be very interactive and engaging by leveraging current technology – if you are attending the right program. In fact, you’re no longer ever sitting in the back of a circle trying to see the whiteboard above other peoples’ heads! You’re no longer not able to hear the teacher.

Zoom in. Rewind. Pause. Watch it again. Absorb the teachings more deeply in your own quiet space without distraction at your own pace. Just as online yoga classes have become the new way to practice yoga, online yoga teacher training has become the new norm for becoming a teacher.

Is online yoga teacher training challenging?
Yes. Online yoga teacher training can be quite challenging if you are fully dedicated. You will be required to demonstrate your aptitude and understanding of the course materials to graduate as a yoga teacher from any of the online yoga teacher training programs below.

When choosing an online yoga course, you want to choose a yoga school that has a well-procured and thoughtfully constructed curriculum. There are many online yoga teacher training programs that have popped up that are held completely over Zoom – you do not want this. Make sure the school you choose has modules and materials for you to study.

Choose a school that is working with technology to give you an engaging, enriching, and highly educational learning experience. You want to get your money’s worth and be set-up for success. And be sure to opt in for any LIVE classes that they offer as part of the course, which many will.

What about Yoga Alliance – do I need to be Alliance approved?
Being Yoga Alliance affiliated or approved is not required to teach yoga. However, Yoga Alliance is the largest alliance and network of yoga instructors and yoga schools, so being affiliated with Yoga Alliance is seen as a positive affiliation. Yoga Alliance has created standards that yoga teacher trainees and yoga schools must meet in order for graduates and schools to register with YA. But you do not need to enroll in a Yoga Alliance affiliated school to get a job teaching yoga or to become an insured yoga teacher. That said, all of the online yoga teacher training programs below are registered with Yoga Alliance. They are some of the “best online yoga teacher training Yoga Alliance” if you’ve been searching for that.

Currently, and through 2021, online yoga schools that have registered with Yoga Alliance can graduate their teacher trainees with the option available to them to register as part of the Yoga Alliance database.

Yoga Alliance standards

The image below illustrates Yoga Alliance’s new “elevated RYS 200 standards” for 200 hour yoga teacher training. It differs from YA previous/current RYS standards just slightly, and the elevated RYS 200 standards are still rolling out through 2022. The image is meant to provide a little insight as to the required yoga teacher training learning hours in each category as set by YA – you can check out the complete standards for all of the details. It is a guide as to what you can loosely expect in terms of the basic outline of required learning hours in each category in yoga teacher training. But remember – schools may still be following existing standards, which is just fine as new standards are still rolling out. If a school is “YA RYS” or a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School, that means they are in current compliance.

Yoga Alliance RYS 200 hour yoga teacher training requirements infographic.
Yoga Alliance RYS 200 elevated standards
How to register with Yoga Alliance
After you have completed your online yoga teacher training you will receive a yoga teaching certificate from your school. Once you have that, you can go onto the Yoga Alliance website and become a member of Yoga Alliance, should you choose. It is that easy to become Yoga Alliance certified after you have completed your yoga teacher training course!

Reserve your spot in one of the best online yoga teacher trainings and get started
The cost to become a yoga instructor online
While there is no such thing as finding a “free yoga certification online school”, most programs allow students to make payments with NO ADDED COST TO TUITION. The cost of online yoga teacher trainings vary significantly. There’s truly something to fit everyone’s budget. So basically you just need some basic yoga essentials that you already likely own like a yoga mat, strap, and blocks, and that’s your overall investment.

How long does it take to complete 200 hour yoga teacher training & the testing required to earn your yoga teaching certification online
200 hour online yoga teacher training can be completed in anywhere from 3-6 weeks if you have the time to dedicate to the course. But the time it takes to complete online yoga teacher training is really dependent upon you. Different yoga schools each have their own guidelines in terms of how much time you are allowed to move through the educational materials and take the test to become certified. Below we list how long you have access to the yoga teacher training course materials for each of the online yoga teacher training programs.

Yogi study tip – try to move through the course in a timely manner so that you still have all of that new knowledge fresh in your mind when you finish your training.

What makes these the best online yoga teacher training options
The online yoga teacher trainings discussed in this article are the Best Online Yoga Teacher Training certification courses to consider because they are either A. Long-running and well-established online yoga schools, or B. Newer online YTT programs, but created by experts in the field.

Please note, you will want to take a look at the start dates, enrollment dates, and training dates closely on each of these online YTT courses.

As you can see below, yoga teacher training doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find online yoga teacher training from under $400 to $1,700. Check out each school to see the different monthly payment plan packages that they offer. Please note, the cost listed for each of the online yoga teacher training certifications below are for 200 hour yoga teacher training.

Zazyoga Online YTT
As featured in Yogalife and Yogi Times as “one of the best Vinyasa yoga teacher trainings online” Zazyoga has launched a new online yoga teacher training certification program that is not to be overlooked. After 4 years certifying yoga teachers in-person, Zazyoga is now offering online yoga teacher training, Yoga Alliance approved.

Grow and transform with Marylene Henry, an E-RYT-200, RYT-500 and PhD student in Osteopath and Ella Trotter, an RYT-200 and Reiki healer. These two beauties are the founders of Zazyoga and they radiate the essence of authenticity, health, and happiness from every part of their beings. Learn the foundations and intricacies of Functional Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga as well as pranayama, meditation, and alignment in this 200 hour yoga teacher training online.

Enjoy 30 pre-planned Vinyasa practices for you to incorporate into your life during training supplemented with 10 pre-planned Restorative practices. Break down over 70 yoga postures in the asana lab and look forward to gaining a deeper understanding of meditation and pranayama. Also covered at an in-depth level are: yoga anatomy and physiology, yoga philosophy including the eight-limb path of yoga and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the art of teaching yoga, and how to create a successful yoga business.

With your teachers at your fingertips on weekly calls giving personalized feedback you will be set-up for success as a Zazyoga and Yoga Alliance certified RYT 200 post course completion. Book a free discovery call with Marylene and Ella on their website below and take a free tour of the training to discover if Zazyoga is the perfect yoga teacher training for you.

Zazyoga Course Features:

Self-paced learning.
A structured curriculum that will help you stay on track to complete the program in 30 days should you choose (1 year access to course materials).
Learning materials include modules, videos, e-books, printable guides.
Weekly group calls, one on one coaching calls, and personalized feedback on your practice.
Payment installment option available.
This training is currently on sale. Get started on the course whenever you’re ready upon enrollment.

Visit Zazyoga
Aligned Yoga Online Yoga Teacher Training With Briohny Smyth
Aligned Online Yoga Teacher Training With Briohny Smyth
Aligned Online YTT
The famed yogini Briohny Smyth, affectionately known as Bri, launched her premiere online ytt in 2020. Bri’s first program graduates will receive a dual certification upon completion of the course which includes both her own signature Aligned Yoga teaching certification as well as a Yoga Alliance teaching certification should you choose to register with YA post completion.

Briohny is a veteran teacher and boss business babe who has been leading yoga teacher trainings around the globe for over a decade. You are unquestionably in good hands as a student of her new online yoga teacher training program. By joining the Aligned 200-hour online yoga teacher training program you will learn about the foundations of a Vinyasa practice and how to sequence and teach Vinyasa based flow classes. After earning your 200-hour Aligned yoga teaching certificate you can also continue on to become a 300-hour Aligned certified yoga teacher with Bri should you choose.

Be one of the first to learn from Bri online!

Aligned Yoga Course Features:

Self-paced learning.
Course material includes written materials, video lectures, live sessions, and a 1-year free subscription to Alo Moves.
Personalized mentorship available as an add on.
Payment installment option available.
Get started on the course whenever you’re ready upon enrollment.

Visit Aligned Yoga
Santosha Yoga Institute Online Yoga Teacher Training
Discover Santosha Yoga Institute’s world-renowned 200 hour online yoga teacher training and join for 50% off!
Santosha Yoga Institute Online YTT
Santosha Yoga Institute is an established and Yoga Alliance approved online yoga teacher training certification program with over 12+ years of experience certifying yoga teachers. Santosha Yoga Institute is a sought-after in-person yoga teacher training school that holds multiple YTT’s every year all over the world. And in 2020, Santosha Yoga Institute began offering their outstanding yoga teacher training certification program online, also.

This transformational online yoga teacher training course is rooted in authenticity with an emphasis on studying the lineage of yoga by diving deep into the ancient texts of India.

By joining Santosha’s online YTT you have an opportunity to interact with the program instructors every day AND there are two live Zoom practice classes every day to accommodate different time zones. This way, no matter where you are you are in the world, you’ll never have to miss a moment of the training or experience. But not to worry – the classes are all recorded, as well.

This yoga teacher training program takes a dynamic approach to cover the in-depth course curriculum. Learning methods and materials include: video modules & specialist manuals created by their team of Master Teachers, live Zoom yoga classes, mentoring & feedback.

This training is currently on sale.

Santosha Yoga Institute Course Features:

Opportunity to interact and connect with the program’s Master Teachers and your classmates during daily Zoom classes & weekly mentoring from Master Teachers.
Complete the course at your own pace or with a group of students.
Lifetime access to course materials.
Invitation to attend an additional online YTT certification course for free including your choice of: Yin Yoga, Kids + Teens, Pre Natal or Meditation.
Payment installment options available.
This training is currently on sale. The next live online YTT classes begin June 23, 2021, but your access to course materials is available immediately upon payment.

Visit Santosha Yoga Institute
Akasha Yoga Academy Online Yoga Teacher Training

Akasha Yoga Academy Online YTT
Immerse yourself in a total mind and body transformational yoga teacher training experience by joining Akasha Yoga Academy’s online yoga teacher training program. This Bali based yoga academy offers an online learning experience like no other that will guide you into the depths of yoga philosophy and the asana practice by their team of experienced master teachers led by Akasha Yoga Academy’s founders, Kirsten & Burkhard, and supported by Devadas, a yoga master from India and practicing yogi of over 35 years.

As impassioned and educated yogis themselves, this trio that has created this online YTT opportunity have intensely studied various styles of yoga including Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Kundalini while also deeply intertwining meditation and pranayama techniques into their daily practice and lives. All three of your learning guides hold RYT-500 certifications as well as many extra certifications in various specialities.

You can look forward to gaining a profound understanding of the breath based Hatha yoga style of yoga from this team of empowering teachers. If you are seeking to develop your full potential as a yoga instructor, Akasha Yoga Academy is an excellent option to consider for meeting the requirements of earning your RYT 200 online.

Ignite your life’s purpose in this meaningful yoga teacher training that dives into anatomy, alignment, teaching skills in authentic and engaging live teaching sessions and learning modules.

This is a choose your own pace yoga teacher training. With self-paced learning, you’ve got options of completing the program in a 4-week intensive full-time format, a 12-week part-time timeframe, or you can spread the training out over many months. And one of the biggest benefits of joining the Akasha Yoga Academy family is the live Zoom sessions and lifetime access to the course materials.

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